Technology Enhancing Wealth

Digital Transformation Leader

We are transforming the wealth management industry. WEALTHARC’s innovative digital technology empowers you to scale your business, increase loyalty and improve efficiency. We deliver a state-of-the-art solution to Single & Multi-Family Offices, Wealth Advisors and Fund Administrators.

Scale your business

Attract new clients and talent with our technology. Pursue more sophisticated clients, take on additional business, and exceed the expectations of any generation. Stand out while engaging your clients in your own style and approach.

Improve advisor efficiency

Consolidate portfolio data across multiple custodians, embracing all currencies, asset classes and ownership structures. Create intelligent model portfolios, apply our smart rebalancing technology and optimize the investment process.

Increase client loyalty

Give your clients access to complete portfolio data anywhere, anytime and on any device they want. Provide detailed overview and sophisticated analysis of every portfolio. Emphasize important messages with powerful charts and graphics.

All-In-One Solution

Multiple Needs. One Solution. WEALTHARC is the venue where you can fully customize your portfolio analytics and hence efficiently address your most demanding clients’ needs.

Unfold complexity

Geared with innovative technology, WEALTHARC's platform instantly provides detailed overview and sophisticated analytics of every portfolio, embracing all currencies, asset classes and ownership structures. A few clicks accomplish what used to take weeks.

Infinitely customizable

No two advisory firms are the same. Our innovative platform is tailored precisely to your clients’ expectations. WEALTHARC provides you with the flexibility to stand out while engaging your customers in your own style and approach.

360-degree view

Give your clients a holistic view of their wealth anywhere, anytime and on any device they want. Aggregate bankable assets with non-financials such as private equity, art or real estate to create unique client experience. Emphasize important messages with beautiful charts and graphics.